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OzMedia Press & Media Release Distribution

Our goal is to get your release the widest possible coverage in the media. We ensure that your release arrives at its destination addressed to the correct recipient in their preferred format and with an immediate impact to maximise its chance of being published.

Who Can Use OzMedia's Distribution Services?

Whether you are a media professional, corporation or a small business with a great story to tell, OzMedia can help you get your message out to the world. After a very simple and FREE sign-up procedure, we give you direct and immediate access to one of the most powerful and up-to-date media distribution systems in the world.

How Much Does it Cost to Send a Press Release?

OzMedia charges 60c per recipient (or 50c if you are a charity or N.P.O). You get to create your own distribution list on-line to suit the audience for your release. So for example, sending to all the "Computers & IT" editors across Australia would cost around $33. If your release is more general and you wanted to target all the "Major Metro Press Radio & TV" in Queensland this would cost around $20 or to go Australia Wide around $130. Ultimately you are completely free to pick and choose who gets your release.

There's no charge to register an account with OzMedia, or hidden monthly charges. Payment is either by monthly account for regular users, or pre-paid for casual releases.

Before sending your release, we provide you with a detailed online price estimate before every transmission to help you manage your budget. We also offer free telephone assistance and support.

Can OzMedia Help Write My Media Release?

Absolutely. We offer a basic service where we can give your release a polish for $50, or write your release from scratch for around $200. For larger organisations we offer consultancy services to plan media campaigns, write creative copy and graphical design.

If you prefer to write your own release, we have a great page that will help you write a successful

To send, simply select from geographical area, specialty lists and / or media type (press/ radio/TV) and upload your document. With the OzMedia system you can also create and maintain your own eye catching HTML e-mail media releases and also maintain your own custom media lists online, securely, at no extra cost.

How do I Know Who Has Read My Release?

After transmission we will send you a full summary report detailing, wherever possible, the organisations that have seen your release. We do this by embedding a tracking image in every e-mail transmitted and counting the number of times an organisation has opened / read the e-mail. This will give you a good indicaction of the initial reaction to your story.

How Do I Get Started Sending Press Releases With OzMedia?

If you would like to have a "no obligation" one-on-one discussion about your media requirements simply call us on 1 800 442 557. If you prefer to get connected with OzMedia right away, just complete our quick online application form and register your account free of charge (accounts are usually activated within 1 to 2 hours).

Can I Use My Own Media Distribution Lists?

Yes. Your OzMedia account allows you to upload and maintain your own media lists securely on our server. When sending, we automatically de-duplicate against your data so you only pay for the remaining contacts. When sending to your own lists, delivery is only 10c a message for e-mail and 14c for fax.

OzMedia Features & Benefits

Have your release transmitted to every relevant destination within around 10 minutes

Prices are inclusive of highly accurate & comprehensive media list use. Lists are updated weekly

Summary reports give a breakdown (where possible) of who has read your release

Easy-to-use, secure and accessible from anywhere in the world at anytime from a web browser

Clear and crisp output for the editors' news desk or personalised with a contact name

Pre-Set the Date and Time of your release with our "Embargo" feature

No Charge for failed messages - You only pay for the successful transmissions

Preview your messages before sending - we allow you to send to yourself free of charge

On-Line instant quotation is provided for every release you send

Detailed success / failure reports are sent to you at the end of transmission

Our Press Release HTML editor allows you to create crisp eye-catching media releases in minutes

Embed images directly into your media release directly from your web browser

If Required, we can host your images on our servers on your behalf. Simply e-mail them to us

The entire suite of services can be accessed the same day from around ONLY 60c a release

Full customer service and advice is provided

Press releases transmitted by OzMedia have immediate impact

Select from comprehensive categories to "exactly" target the right audience and region for your release

Single Click Media Broadcast Selection

Choosing the distribution list for your press release is simplicity itself. Just choose the press selections and the geographical region for distribution. Where necessary you can also select from our specialty editors & publications.

Press Release Distribution By Category

Media Distribution - Selection By Locality

One of the more powerful aspects of the OzMedia selection system is the ability to target specific and small geographical regions. This is especially useful for government or local authorities, political commentary, publicising local events or raising awareness about local issues. Targeting local media also means very small expense compared to targeting an entire state or region in order to get your release read by the correct publications.

Press Release Distribution By Geographical Region

Selection is made from thousands of media contacts Australia wide (and/or USA & Asia) Press, Radio, TV or by specialty distribution lists or geographical region. We can accept most file formats such as HTML, TIFF, PDF, Word etc and have your message immediately transmitted to the relevant fax and/or email destinations (depending on the preference of the recipient).

The OzMedia database has been compiled by people with over 30 years experience in building and maintaining highly accurate media contact databases and who deeply understand the media requirements of Industry, Government, PR Companies, Associations, Lobby Groups, Political Parties and other Organisations.

OzMedia can also provide access to Australian Government Lists at Federal, State and Local level. OzMedia can also distribute your media release on the internet to gain more traffic and ultimately improve your search engine ranking.

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